Boiling Point (Single 2014)

by Project for a Better Dream




Recorded : Revolver Sound Studio (Budapest@HU)
Mix and master: No Silence Studio (Gyula@HU)

Studio vocal video:


released November 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Project for a Better Dream Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Boiling Point
Boiling Point

Feel the fucking pain
It's like my body is on fire
The flames of failure are burning my veins

In your darkest times
Hope is always by your side

Oh I'm down again
I’ve lost the reign
Over my body, over my mind
But I won’t let myself down, I'm gonna win this fight

Scars on my soul are showing
How I've got through my past
So now that I'm stronger
I'll be through this mess

Sometimes I feel so empty
I can't get nothing right
But then you pull me over
Standing by my side

I'm on my way trying to be the best I can be
But the ashes of my shameful past make it hard to breathe

“Hold on”
“Hold on”

You’re meant to live
Guided by the spark
That shines in your heart
It will show you who you really are

I know you have to test me from time to time
But my soul is tired now
Please give me strength to believe in myself
And light for all who’re frightened by their darkness